Which type of interpreter(s) do you need?

London Translations provide 3 types of interpreters to suit every need and budget. It is very important that you chose the correct type.

What are translation memory tools?

Translation memory tools are software packages designed to add efficiency to the translation process by making it easier to deal with chunks of text which are repeated or reoccur in different variations throughout the document.

  • Simultaneous Interpreters - 'Real time' interpreting for international conferences
  • Consecutive Interpreters - 'Listen before talk' interpreting for meetings and smaller groups
  • Phone Interpreters  - Multilingual teleconferences for business
  • Facilitating Interpreters - Budget solution for less demanding situations

  • How many interpreters do you need?

    Depending upon the type and length of the event, you may need more than one interpreter. Having multiple interpreters is particularly important with Simultaneous interpreting assignments.

    For how long do you need your interpreter(s)?

    Does your event run over several days or outside normal business hours? If so, will you need your interpreter(s) to accompany you in the evening for dinner or social events? We are always happy to oblige but need to know in advance to allow our staff to make personal arrangements.

    Where is your event to be held?

    London Translations' comprehensive database of interpreters means we are usually able to locate an interpreter based near to your event. However, sometimes it is necessary to arrange travel and accommodation.

    Which languages do you need your interpreters to work in?

    We cover all major business languages and can therefore assign someone who meets your requirements. However, it is important to understand which language most of the proceedings will be conducted in. The reason is simple, interpreters are usually much better at interpreting into their mother tongue than they are at interpreting from their mother tongue into a foreign language. Beware of anyone who tries to convince you otherwise!

    What depth of specialist knowledge will your interpreter need?

    How much subject matter specialist knowledge will your interpreter require? We can supply interpreters who specialise in many disciplines including Law, Technology, Finance and Medical but it is important that we know upfront so that we can select the best individual (or team) for your needs.

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