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Loveconf is dedicated to provide full service translation and interpretation for businesses and individuals .....

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3 Floor, No.57, Pudian Road, Shanghai, China

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Nick Gu
Mobile:+86 186 2195 1710
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Service Team
Telephone:+86 021 5216 0878

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Loveconf Translations is one of the fastest growing translation companies in the China and we're always on the lookout for talented freelance translators.

If you are the one whose we found, please call us (021-5216 0878) or send your resume to us (service@loveconf.com).

Why work as a freelance translator for Loveconf Translations?

  • Interesting freelance translation work: Our wide and varied client base means we handle jobs covering many subject areas.

  • Timely payments: We promise to pay you for finished jobs within 30 days of receiving your invoice (subject to customer acceptance)

  • Prestige: Whilst we don't like to brag, being able to say that you work with Loveconf can be a real help in getting work from other sources

  • Support: If you are having problems with a job, we're here to help you.
  • Postal Address

    Loveconf Integrated Service Co., Ltd.
    Room 8332, 3 Floor, No.57, Pudian Road, Shanghai, China
    Telephone:+86 021 5216 0878
    Nick Gu:+86 186 2195 1710
    Henry Hu:+86 186 2190 6190

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