As a conference and exhibition service provider and with a focus on professional translation and webcasting services in conferences and exhibitions, Loveconf is leading in translation and communications.

Loveconf is committed to providing simultaneous interpreting as well as remote communications solutions such as webcasting and video conferencing, so as to meet various requirements of clients.


Why choose us?

1. Quality services: Staff of Loveconf, including translators, interpreters, photographers, sound engineers and on-site technical supporters, who are in the top tier of the industry, assure the service quality in each conference.
2. Value: Affordable price: On the premise of quality service, Loveconf guarantees that our services are charged at a reasonable level as we price according to industrial average.
3. Individualized services: Loveconf has the capability to meet all sorts of individual demands.
4. Nationwide service networks: Acting as the single point of contact for clients, Loveconf Shanghai office arranges translation or interpreting and webcasting services in all cities of China.
5. Security: The security of dealing with a company registered and based in the Shanghai.
6. One stop shop: We cover your usual language needs plus bring in-depth knowledge of Asian and European business and languages.
7. Track record: We've been in the Language Services business for many years and are committed to using this experience to help you be successful in your chosen market.

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