Customer: Chales Wang

"I would like to express my gratitude for your assistance with translating an English presentation to Simplified Chinese last month.

Given that our timeframe was very tight, and that we had never used your services before, I was somewhat anxious that we would not make our deadline (other companies that I contacted said they would be unable to turnaround the translation with such short notice).

I can honestly say that your quick delivery and frequent communication, via telephone/ email, assured me that you would not fail to provide us with the translated text on time. Your level of service was most professional and I am very grateful that you could assist us with our request.

I will most definitely use your services in the future and I would happily recommend you to others" (Sep 2010)

Customer: Jodi G. Castro

"Thanks so much for your help with our latest translation request. Turnaround time was excellent, as always, and everything achieved with quiet efficiency.

It has been such a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to having this opportunity again. Thank you again for all of your hard work. Even though I do not speak Chinese, everything looked very nice.

I am sure we will be in touch again shortly with Loveconf Translations with more documents. It's good to know there is such a reliable service to call on for this" (Nov 2010)

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Our Ethos

Our approach is simple. We recognise our customers are extremely busy people, often handling multiple projects with tight deadlines.

We believe that once you place work with us, you should be able to consider it 'one less thing to worry about'. We'll own the problem and go the extra mile to help you meet your objectives - whatever it takes.

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We use only our advantages in order to serve our customers as best we can and to work for our customers’ long-term development.

The more emphasis that is placed on a designated industry, the more accumulated expertise will be gained. The more emphasis that is placed on the long-term, the more value there will be for our customers.

Price is not merely the key factor. Investment return will be the initial choice for branding investment.

A service provided by professional reviewers that guarantees customers without professional language skills make right decisions. This kind of service helps customers inspect the translation’s quality and decide whether it is acceptable to them.

Best quality review results from experienced natvie reviewer to ensure the translation customized to the region in the moter tongue, in acceptable style and fluent text.

A translation that is completed without a quality review is like a product that is manufactured without a quality inspection. A strong emphasis on product quality can improve the enterprises’ far-reaching success.


Special support

Personal Service    Whilst we enthusiastically embrace the latest technologies to improve our products and services, there is simply no substitute for the personal touch when it comes to dealing with you, our customers. We're here to help you in any way we can and take genuine pleasure in doing so.

7 * 24 Service    Our office phone: 021-5216 0878 & mobiles is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so your call will always be answered in person - we promise never to subject you to the inconvenience and frustration of being connected to an automated call handling system.

A safe pair of hands We will NOT let you down. We will keep the security of the docutment.