Escort Interpreting Service

Escort Interpreting Service    sometimes called guide interpreters, take on a much different role from conference interpreters. Their main task is to accompany either China visitors abroad or foreign visitors in the China in order to ensure that visitors are able to communicate their hosts, and that they are able to get by during their entire stay.

Escort interpreters must be specialized in the business their clients are involved in, but also have to deal with a variety of travel-oriented and informal subjects. They may interpret during business or social outings, and also may help the visitors deal with travel arrangements and even sight-seeing.

Most escort language interpreting involves small groups and the interpretation is consecutive. Outside of official business meetings, the interpreter may establish a personal rapport with his or her clients and serve more as a guide and cultural resource person than as a pure interpreter.

Since groups often need this service for more than an 8-hour day, Jobs are often shared by two or even more interpreters. Frequent travel, sometimes for weeks at a time, is common in this field.

Loveconf offers interpreting services, including conference, escort and telephonic interpreting, in over 40 languages. We also provide interpretation equipment for all of your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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Simultaneous Interpretation
with high levels of expertise and ample experience are vital in making your event a success. All Simultaneous Interpreters supplied by Loveconf Translations have a minimum of 5 years experience and many have in-depth knowledge in their chosen field.

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Project Management

Leave it to us, we'll make it happen

One of the principal benefits of placing work with Loveconf Translations is that we provide full Project Management services. Once your order is placed you will be assigned a named Project Manager who will remain your single point of contact until your assignment is successfully completed. Along with your Project Manager's name you will be given their direct line and mobile numbers along with their individual email address so they are always easy to contact.

Our Project Managers are fully empowered to do what ever is required to ensure your assignment delivered to your complete satisfaction. Project Managers' responsibilities include;

* Customer support: Helping you with linguistic and technical issues such as multilingual file conversions and printing.
* Co-ordination of multi-lingual tasks such as translation, proof-reading, DTP.
* Management of specialist glossaries, ensuring consistency of style, terminology and structure.
* Document version control.
* Scheduling of various tasks to ensure on-time delivery.

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