Office Supplies Purchasing Service


Lenovo Thinkpad X220
Lenovo Y480M-ISE
Lenovo ThinkPad E420
HP Envy 4 1007tx
Acer 4752G 2452G50Mnkk
DELL Inspiron 14R Turbo(Ins14TD-1728)
APPLE MacBook Pro MC976CH/A
APPLE MacBook Air MC968CH/A

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APPLE The new iPad Wifi  |  Wifi+3G
APPLE iPad2 Wifi  |  Wifi+3G
Amazon Kindle Fire
Lenovo 乐Pad A2107
Google Nexus 7
APPLE Iphone 4S
APPLE Iphone 4
Motorola Raza

Print scanning multi-function equipment

HP M1213nf
Epson L201
Canon MP288
Samsung 4521F
HP M1536dnf
Canon MP259
HP M1005
Lenovo M7650DF
Brother 7360
Ricoh 1200SU
HP M1136
Samsung 4321


Benq MS502
Benq GP2
Acer K750
Epson EH-TW5800C
Sony EX146
Benq W1060
Coolux X2
Acer K330
Mitsubishi HC77-11S
Newman PH01B
NEC V260+
Sony HW30ES

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)  |  DV (Digital Video)

Canon DSLR 60D Series
Canon DSLR 600D Series
Nikon DSLR D7000
Nikon DSLR D800
Pentax DSLR K-5
Sony DV HDR-XR260E
Panasonic DV HDC-MDH1GK
Canon DV HF M52

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Video Equipment Rental Service

        We provide video equipment rental service, customers only need pay less money to use decent equipment. This service suitable for don't always use equipment, the equipment rental service is your best choice. Do not hesitate, just call us.

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Office Supplies Purchase

Choose Loveconf, Choose Relieved.

Loveconf designed to assist you more convenient and secure purchasing to market quality and cheap office equipment. We provide variety of office equipment procurement, vendor selection, order tracking, sample, large cargo inspection and quality assurance services. Purchasing staff of our company are from the elite of the office supplies the line of business, they have more than six years of professional experience, products and reputation of all kinds of goods factories are quite understanding. Our services depending on the order to charge the order of 1-5% of the total commission. We can also help you to handle some other mattersonly cost the basic service charge.

We have a good reputation and relationships in the procurement of office supplies industry, because we are the professional international company, all employees have received professional training and job description of the system, above is the reason why, we can give full of confidenceour service to you!

You choose us, you are not only chose the affordable goods, but also choose a safe and comfortable. Over the years, our customers praise our service are 100% and look forward to your inquiry.

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