Video Equipment Rental Service


PANASONIC-TH 42” Display ratio 16:9
LG  42” Display ratio 16:9
PANASONIC 50” Display ratio 16:9
PIONEER 50” Display ratio 16:9
SAMSUNG 50” Display ratio 16:9
PANASONIC 60” Display ratio 16:9
SAMSUNG 63” Display ratio 16:9
XOCECO 20” LC-20Y19
XOCECO 32” LC-32U19


BARCO R20+ 20000ANSI
SANYO  XF 47 15000ANSI
SANYO  XF 46 12000ANSI
SANYO  XF 45 10000 ANSI
SANYO  XF 60 8000 ANSI
SANYO  XF 35 7700 ANSI
SANYO  XP 100 6500 ANSI
SANYO  XT 26 5500 ANSI


SCREENWORKS 200"(4.260*3.20m)
SCREENWORKS 180"(3.660*2.74m)
SCREENWORKS 150"(3.050*2.28m)
SCREENWORKS 120"(2.440*1.83m)
(Projector screen) 100"(2.030*1.52m)
GRANDVIEW 300"(6.100*4.57)
GRANDVIEW 250"(5.0*4.0)
TOSS ASIA-AMERICA 400"DLP(8.32*6.26m)
Rear Wide Screen 3m*12m
Rear Wide Screen 3m*8m
Rear Wide Screen 18m*4.5m
Rear Wide Screen 25.4m*4.5m

Loudspeaker / Amplifier

MAYER pre-amp speaker UPA-1p
MAYER subwoofer speaker USW-1p
TD Line speaker  
TD Line subwoofer speaker  
NEXO pre-amp speaker PS-15
NEXO subwoofer speaker Concert with the Ps-15
JBL subwoofer speaker JBL SRX718
TD full range cabinets TD TM-152
Power amplifier CAMCO CAMCO TECTON3.4
Power amplifier Crown--2400
Power amplifier CTL  CTL AL-3000
Power amplifier YAMAHA 7000S


Wireless handheld microphone SHURE BETA58A
Wireless lapel microphone SHURE BETAT93
Wireless handset microphone SHURE BETA53T
Wireless handheld microphone SENNHEISER Ew300
Wireless lapel microphone SENNHEISER Ew100
Wireless microphone SENNHEISER Ew100
Ground vocal microphone SHURE-sm58

Vendor Management

Office supplies purchasing

        We not only provide equipment rental services, we also help customers to purchase office equipment. We can suggest the most cost-effective equipment in the industry to you, and save a lot of selection and compare time. We provide equipment Purchasing - Installation - Maintenance of one stop service. Please do not hesitate, contact us immediately.

Enter office supplies purchasing service

Office Supplies Purchase

Choose Loveconf, Choose Relieved.

Loveconf designed to assist you more convenient and secure purchasing to market quality and cheap office equipment. We provide variety of office equipment procurement, vendor selection, order tracking, sample, large cargo inspection and quality assurance services. Purchasing staff of our company are from the elite of the office supplies the line of business, they have more than six years of professional experience, products and reputation of all kinds of goods factories are quite understanding. Our services depending on the order to charge the order of 1-5% of the total commission. We can also help you to handle some other mattersonly cost the basic service charge.

We have a good reputation and relationships in the procurement of office supplies industry, because we are the professional international company, all employees have received professional training and job description of the system, above is the reason why, we can give full of confidenceour service to you!

You choose us, you are not only chose the affordable goods, but also choose a safe and comfortable. Over the years, our customers praise our service are 100% and look forward to your inquiry.

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