Video, Voice and Web Conferencing Service

Video, Voice and Web Conferencing Service is a pure software product presenting HD videos for conferences. You can hold an online conference simply with a PC, a microphone and a camera.

Video conference system supports H.264 video that HD videos can be watched through ADSL and GIPS broadband speech technology that ensures high quality voice communication, AEC, ANS and low delay. It has powerful data coordination and sharing function such as PPT sharing (animation supported), screen sharing, voting, online exam, text communication, note transmission and co-browsing. Moreover, the system supports DID conferences, A-calls and automatic computer and phone audio mixing.

Main features

High-definition video + Audio + File sharing + Desktop Sharing + Whiteboard sharing

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Video, Voice and Web Conferencing Service

  • Product Features
  • Product Application

  • Based entirely on the Web browser, without the need to download and install a complex process. Interface is simple, human;
  • Whiteboard capture the unique equipment and technology, real-time whiteboard capture host on a common hardware write, and can quickly broadcast to the participants of the computer screen, so that ordinary white board with the perfect combination of modern web conferencing;
  • Using the most advanced GIPS Voice Engine technology: efficient echo cancellation, automatic gain, background noise, silence detection algorithm, to bring clarity than the phone is also close to CD sound quality of voice calls effect;
  • Using the most advanced H.264 & MPEG4 video encoding, and video optimization technology: advanced bandwidth adaptive mechanism to support multi-rate video, error concealment techniques, forward error correction coding techniques, video more fluid, more clearly. Reached in the ADSL high-definition video (720p) effect;
  • Document sharing using advanced imaging technology vector, zoom without distortion; vector, the network transmission bandwidth requirements very low. Support PPT animation;
  • To support large scale concurrent users, multi-server, cross-cascade, dynamic network bandwidth balancing technology as patented technology solve the South "telecommunications," North "Netcom", CERNET and cross-border interconnection bandwidth bottleneck effect caused by bad problem;
  • Can pass through any firewall without modifying any network configuration without having to open any non-secure port, the user can control demand from the network security network to join the meeting;
  • Built-in P2P technology, clients within an enterprise network can automatically shared bandwidth, which greatly reduces the pressure on companies export network, but also reduces server bandwidth;
  • Traditional telephone and video conferencing and complete seamless integration of the Internet can not be the case, you can join the meeting by telephone.
  • Project sharing, marketing, finance, third-party partners, trial customers
  • Product design / publishing
  • Tender
  • Customer relationship management, sales support, technical support
  • Emergency market, Decision Management
  • Respond to changes in management
  • Acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate Restructuring