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Loveconf Webinar a significant breakthrough in the means of communication in corporate events, refers to conference webcasting which is made possible through streaming technology. Its audio-visual communication dramatically enhances communication validity, reduce travel costs, and break time and geographical limits, resulting in a high-quality, highly-efficient and convenient communication method for organizers and participants of corporate events.

Loveconf perfect solutions to communication through streaming media realize scale live broadcast of conferences at all times and in all places. In five-star hotel, conference center or corporate meeting room, Loveconf webcasting can serve corporate plenary meetings, corporate major event publication, investor relation publication, product promotion, customer meetings, online training, summit forums and exhibitions. Loveconf webcasting can connect on-site audiences to online ones, using videos, audios, data and Q&A to convey the core content of a conference.

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Loveconf Webinar Features

Low Cost, High Return - The Best Marketing Tool in Internet Age

Loveconf Webinar System is a world-leading multi-function web conference platform that integrates audio, video, document sharing and interaction together. It is not only an excellent interactive live tool, but also a marketing tool. Many world class enterprises use it in corporation training, franchiser training, webinar, industry summit, marketing meeting, annual meeting and other web events, winning a surprising reward with lower cost, saving lots of time, funds and human resources, improving the competitiveness of enterprises as well. Of these enterprises, there are IBM, Alibaba, Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo and other successful companies.

Rich Function, High-End Experience — Excellent Interactive Experience and Powerful Real-Time Function

Loveconf Webinar System has a rich interactive function. It supports online video/audio communication, document sharing, desktop sharing, online written communication, polls, online surveys, online tests, lucky draws and other exciting functions, brings users great interactivity, entertainment and high-end experience. Bring to new marketing experience for corporations combine with powerful and professional statistical analysis system, advertising system, warm up function, etc.

Simple to Use, Easy to Communicate — Exchange Wherever and Whenever by just Clicking a Mouse

Loveconf Webinar System adopts an innovative mixed model that combines audio&video, documents and interaction. High-fidelity audio and sharp image video bring better user experience, Loveconf's innovative interactive system makes the whole training sessions real and users can communicate without any obstacles, high acceptability of participants, handy to use, just input URL or click the network links to participate, no need for any plug-in. Loveconf's unique distributed interconnected technology could not only solve the problem of interconnection between China Telecom and China Unicom, but also adjust to different network environments of the world, like Africa, the Middle East, etc.

Super Large Scale, Global Coverage — World-Recognized Webcast System Support Super Large Scale Application

Can you imagine tens of thousands employees around the world from a multinational enterprise exchange at the same time? Can you imagine video pictures real-time spreaded to every corner of the earth? Loveconf could help you realize the miracle! It could even manage a meeting that people in the whole city or the whole country attend together!

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  • Multimedia:Audio, video and PPT integrated. Low bandwidth needed.
  • Interactivity:It supports document annotations, text chat, polls, surveys etc..
  • Real-time interactions among multi-parties and large-scale webcast are combined together.
  • A statistical analysis report of the audience watching effect is provided to help you get customer feedbacks and collect sale leads.
  • Play and record. Your cast record is easier to deliver.
  • You do not have to install any client, plug-in or player. You can join live event or watch VOD using your browser.

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