Written Translation Service

Written Translation Service    All translations are not the same. Loveconf Translations offer three classes of translation to satisfy different needs.

Business Critical Translations Business communication beyond mere translation. Independently edited & proof-read by sector experts for 100% satisfaction. Guaranteed.
Standard Business Translations Accurate, effective business translations you can trust.
First Draft Translations Budget translations for internal company use.

Languages    We translate all major business languages and specialise in translating languages from East Asian and emerging East European markets.

Document formats    We handle all popular document formats including Microsoft Office, PageMaker & Quark Express. Documents can be submitted and delivered via email or fax in addition traditional hard copy. Translations can be notarised, certified and legalised to meet your exact requirements. We adhere to a strict privacy and security policy and are happy to sign commercial non-disclosure agreements.

Expertise     We regularly undertake assignments to translate:

Email Patents Contracts Brochures
Medical papers Legal documents World Wide Web sites Business correspondence
Technical and user manuals Journal Articles and Reports Advertising and marketing copy Service Manuals & Instruction Leaflets

This is just a small sample of the types of work we do. If your requirement is not mentioned, click here and we'll call you back to discuss.

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Simultaneous Interpretation
with high levels of expertise and ample experience are vital in making your event a success. All Simultaneous Interpreters supplied by Loveconf Translations have a minimum of 5 years experience and many have in-depth knowledge in their chosen field.

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Project Management

Leave it to us, we'll make it happen

One of the principal benefits of placing work with Loveconf Translations is that we provide full Project Management services. Once your order is placed you will be assigned a named Project Manager who will remain your single point of contact until your assignment is successfully completed. Along with your Project Manager's name you will be given their direct line and mobile numbers along with their individual email address so they are always easy to contact.

Our Project Managers are fully empowered to do what ever is required to ensure your assignment delivered to your complete satisfaction. Project Managers' responsibilities include;

Main Applications

  • The company full General Assembly
  • Business events released
  • Investor Relations Release
  • Product Promotion
  • Enterprise customers Assembly
  • Online Training
  • Forum, a large network of broadcast Exhibition

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    Unique Services

    Teleconfercing, Webconferencing & Webinar

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    Risk Management

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